Alberta Liquor License For Becoming An Importer

Alberta Liquor License For Becoming An Importer

Steps you need to do in order to get an Alberta liquor license allowing you to import wine, spirits, and beer in the province.

BC Liquor License My name is Lyubomir Radev, and currently I am running a family owned agency that imports wines and spirits into Canada. Our products are now available in British Columbia and Alberta in both Government and private liquor stores.

I personally went through the whole registration and importation process of alcoholic beverages for the two provinces, and now I decided to share some of my invaluable practical experience through the eBooks that I have written called “How To Import Liquor In Alberta” and “How to Register a Business and Import Liquor In British Columbia“.

How To Import Liquor In Alberta is a real blueprint that includes scenario examples, samples/snapshots of important forms and documents, very important calculations on how to formulate liquor prices to the last penny all based on real invoice amounts (no “theory” here), snapshots of important sites, guidance on how to fill in important forms and register products for sale and distribution, sharing of my personal experience with the Alberta liquor system including the steps that I do once the container arrives at the bonded warehouse, describing which marketing methods have given me the best return on investment, and much more.

Every single information in the ebook is based on my personal practice and experience! This is not a theory textbook – it is information from the real world!

Only for $29.99

In my eBook you will receive very important downloads that can give you the big picture of the liquor importation business in Alberta!!

  • My 30 page business plan and 3 year sales forecast sheets that are required for the application (probably worth at least $1000 alone)
  • List of all liquor products (over 20,000) currently registered in Alberta with their CIF (Cost, Freight, Insurance) prices and their wholesale prices
  • List of all liquor stores in Alberta
  • List of all restaurants and clubs in Alberta
  • List of all institutions and clubs in Alberta
  • List of duty free shops in Alberta
  • List of all licensees in Alberta including the sports venues and conveyances
  • List of all liquor importers in Alberta

The only book on the market that covers this specific topic! A priceless blueprint that can save you months of research, and thousands of dollars for professional advice.

Just a modest investment of $29.99 will give you the opportunity to thoroughly get acquainted with the liquor importation business in Alberta, and to open your eyes well in advance if the products you intend to import have potential to succeed or not.

At any time you can click here to download sample pages of my ebook to get an idea of the content.


Alberta Quick Facts as of 2016

  • The only privatized liquor jurisdiction in Canada. Alberta does not have Government liquor stores and it perfectly fits the term “free for all”. In other words you have a much better chance to succeed in comparison to import liquor in another province, considering you have a good product, at a good price, with good packaging, and being very actively promoted.
  • In Alberta there are close to 1400 liquor stores and another 665 off-sale retail outlets including General merchandise liquor stores, hotels, manufacturer’s outlets, commercial caterers and all other liquor retailers. Alberta has the biggest number of liquor stores not only per capita, but also as a whole. Even Ontario that has 4 times more population than Alberta has less than 1400 liquor stores.
  • There are over 22,000 liquor products registered in Alberta as of 2016
  • The total sales for fiscal year 2016 were 2.55 billion, and net income for the province of Alberta was $766 million
  • The provincial liquor mark-ups in Alberta are among the lowest in Canada
  • Alberta is the richest province in Canada with median family income of $97,400 (if we only compare the provinces with large populations and exclude Yukon, Nunavut, and NWT).
  • In the period 2013-2014 the total liquor consumption in Alberta grew by the 4.4% considering the nation�s average was only 1.1%.

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