My name is Lyubomir Radev, and currently I am running a family owned agency that imports wines and spirits into Canada. Our products are now available in British Columbia and Alberta. I started the business back in 2011, so now I am confident to say that I have been through all aspects of the business. I have accumulated a priceless experience, that will certainly help me in any business initiative that I undertake in the future.

I personally went through the whole registration and importation process of alcoholic beverages for the two provinces, and now I decided to share some of my practical experience through the eBooks that I have written. My eBooks include scenario examples, samples/snapshots of important forms, important calculations on how to formulate liquor prices, snapshots of important sites, guidance on how to fill in important forms and register products for sale and distribution, very important downloads that are only available to liquor importers, and overall explanations and suggestions about the Liquor Industries in BC and Alberta.

At the moment I have written two ebooks:

How to Import Liquor In British Columbia

How to Import Liquor In Alberta

I have completed a four-year Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from a Canadian School of Business in Vancouver,BC and separately from the degree, I have a two-year business diploma from a European university. Six years in total of business courses from which I have acquired many new skills, so essential to the wine importation business.

Getting fascinated by the wine world, day-by-day, I am planning to complete level 2 and level 3 of the WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust), in the near future.

Besides my liquor importation business, I am also a part-time blogger where I actively maintain three blogs on various topics.

I want to thank you in advance for reading my blog, and my eBooks! I hope you find the information useful and invaluable!

Best Regards

Lyubomir Radev

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